Buying a Bespoke Diamond Engagement

Ring: Your Questions Answered

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In this guide, we’ve delved into the fascinating world of diamonds and the commonly asked questions. Whilst it is incredibly useful to have an understanding of the 4Cs and some idea of what band metal, diamond shape or cut you or your partner might prefer, remember that your bespoke diamond specialist can help you with all of these decisions during consultations.

Nevertheless, below we have the top questions asked and answered from London Diamond Specialist, Henry Pruwer.

Why should I choose a bespoke diamond engagement ring?

A handmade, bespoke diamond engagement ring will always be better quality than those you can purchase retail or online. At Henry Pruwer, a number of skilled artisans, from diamond specialists to goldsmiths and jewellery designers are involved in creating your unique piece. Diamonds also have to be couriered in securely from around the world, which can take time. For that reason, a handmade diamond engagement ring can take between 4-8 weeks to create.


How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

This is a perennial question about engagement rings, and the answer is: what you can comfortably afford to spend. Whether 3 months’ salary or 1 month, the amount you spend on an engagement ring depends entirely on your unique circumstances, and your wants and needs for your specific diamond engagement ring. However, whilst there aren’t any hard and fast rules about what to spend, having an idea of the budget will help your bespoke diamond specialist to consider how to create the ring of your dreams.


How do I find out my partner’s ring size?

If you are going down the traditional route and proposing to your partner with an engagement ring that has been created with them in mind, finding out their ring size is part of this adventure. You may be able to borrow another of your partner’s rings to find the correct size or even recruit a discreet best friend or relative to assist you.

How does the sizing process work?

When we make a bespoke diamond engagement ring, we will, of course, try our best to match the size exactly to the wearer’s ring finger. This is often impossible when the ring must be a complete surprise! In addition to using our experience to estimate the correct size, we encourage our clients to do a little detective work, by checking and measuring their partner’s other rings. But, of course, each finger has a different size, and on top of that, a big ring can fit differently to a smaller ring!

Despite all this sounding like a major challenge, we have always managed to make a ring that fits perfectly in the end. As part of our service, we will resize a ring if needed after the proposal, to get the fitting just right. It is often only after the ring has been worn for a while, and in different seasons, that the client gets to know which size is exactly right and comfortable for her unique solitaire engagement ring.


What wedding band should I choose?

For us at Henry Pruwer, the choice of wedding band starts with the engagement ring, as one of the first questions we ask our clients is whether the engagement ring will be worn together with a wedding band on the same finger. We can then make sure that we design the engagement ring to sit perfectly next to the wedding band, without any ugly gaps.

Whilst wedding bands are often chosen to match each other – using the same metal, colour, shape and design, we can also design individual rings to suit each partner best, especially when it comes to matching a bespoke engagement ring. For many men, a wedding band is the first ring they will wear, so the choice of metal, comfort, thickness and width of the ring, will all be taken into account when helping them choose. We encourage our clients to try on a selection of different ring styles to narrow down the choice. This gives them the opportunity to experience what feels right for everyday wear.



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