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Here at Henry Pruwer Diamonds, we take pride in how our Diamonds are sourced. Below is the process, take a read.

Sustainability, Ethical Sourcing

All our diamonds are ethically sourced and guaranteed conflict-free. Each gemstone we source can be traced back through its certification. Our GIA certified diamonds have a laser inscription with a unique identifying number, allowing the stone to be clearly identified. Upon request, we also use antique old cut diamonds which can be recycled and repolished to restore their lustre.

Clients can specify Canadamark diamonds or diamonds from Botswana, as well as Fairtrade gold. In addition, for all our bespoke items, we use recycled gold and other recycled precious metals. We can take your inherited gold rings or other jewellery and incorporate them into your newly designed piece.

Having acted as a consultant to regional governments in South Africa, Henry has direct personal experience of the beneficial effects the diamond industry can have on local populations. Diamonds and diamond mining help provide jobs, skills, homes, and welfare to millions of Africans and by purchasing from a reputable source, you are contributing to this.

Wherever in the world they originate, nowadays more than 95% of mined rough diamonds are cut and polished in India. We purchase diamonds only from major manufacturers who use the most up to date technology and highly skilled technicians. Through these strictly followed policies, issues such as child labour, conflict diamonds or unethical practices are avoided. By dealing directly with the sources, we can not only be sure of sustainability, we can also secure the best prices to benefit our clients. Your bespoke diamond jewel can shine with a clean heart and a clear conscience.


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